Donation Error FAQs

The form has a constant spinning red circle. Trouble-shooting.

  • Start by reloading your page. The site uses cookies to function and its possible that you need to reset your browser cache.
  • The site needs to connect to PayPal. PayPal may be taking a while to approve the connection between the site and its payment gateway service.
  • You may be connected to WiFi and Ethernet at the same time and your computer doesn’t know where to route the secure connection. Choose one or the other.
  • You may be using an older unsecure browser and PayPal can not connect.
  • You may be logged into PayPal. Log out. Then try again, and re-login on the donation screen.
  • You may have a browser extension or security software blocking the PayPal connection. Try disabling all extensions or using a private incognito window.

My donation will not go through.

  • It’s possible if you’ve made too many donations right in a row for the same amount. Your bank might have put a hold on your card.
  • Do you have security App on your phone to approve banking transactions as they happen? If so, you must approve the transaction within 3-5 minutes or PayPal will cancel the transaction.
  • You may be donating with a different credit card than is autosaved in your browser security settings. Trying a private or incognito window.

I’ve tried all the steps and it still won’t work.

Don’t worry. We’ve tried our best to make this seamless and easy for everyone, but we also realize technology doesn’t always cooperate even though we have the best intentions. You can go to and donate directly. Just add a note of who you are voting for in the notes field. Just use the email “” when it asks who to send the donation to. This is the official Woman’s Division PayPal account. Thank you.